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5 Reasons Farmers Should Switch To Biofertilizers

When farming needed to be made cost-effective while also increasing the yield, farmers were presented with the option of using chemical fertilizers. These fertilizers provided nutrients to the soil, improving the crops, and increasing the yield. Farmers adopted this in large numbers across the globe because it allowed them to get the right price for their crops. However, a new problem soon arose. Although these chemical fertilizers improved the yield, they made the soil toxic. Even the yield contained carcinogens. It was then prescribed to farmers to not use fertilizers in excess. However, the continuous usage of fertilizers season after season has had a negative impact on the soil and crops. It’s about time farmers switch to biofertilizers like potassium-mobilizing biofertilizers.

Here are 5 reasons why:

1. It’s Cheaper

To keep up with the increasing demand, farmers had to spend exorbitantly on chemical fertilizers. This improved their yield but at the cost of making the plants and soil toxic. But what if you found out that you can have the almost same yield with a fertilizer that’s cheaper? This is what a bio-fertilizer does. It has all the benefits of fertilizer, minus the toxicity. This makes them a better option for farmers. If you are a farmer who is still using chemical fertilizers for your crops, visit your local fertilizer store and ask for biofertilizers. You will be presented with various options, like Rhizhobium, Azotobacter, Acetobacter, Phosphate solubilizing bacteria etc. These fertilizers are natural alternative to chemical fertilizers. Thankfully, they are now easily available in the market. You can even buy them online and have them delivered directly to your home.

2. It increases the availability of Micronutrients

There are 3 nutrients that plants absorb from the soil: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Each plant needs them in different quantities, which is why there is no single fertilizer that’s best for all plants. Different fertilizers work on different categories of crops. When farmers bought chemical fertilizers, these are the nutrients that plants got from them. What separates biofertilizers from chemical fertilizers is that the former provides several micronutrients, in addition to nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium that are beneficial for the plants like zinc. They play a role in further improving the quality of the yield.

3. It Supplies Organic Matter

Every type of soil contains some organic matter. The role of this organic matter is to act as an inexhaustible source of energy and nutrients to the plants. It also provides energy and nutrients to the good micro-organisms, the ones that aid in the healthy growth of plants. The best thing about the organic matter is that it makes the soil rich in chemical and physical nutrients. This way, biofertilizers are not only beneficial for the seeds you are using them on but also soil and thus, plants that you will grow in the future. In other words, biofertilizers replenish the nutrients in the soil. The more you use them, the healthier the soil is. And the healthier the soil is, the better is your yield.

4. It Counteracts Chemical Fertilizers

By now, you know that chemical fertilizers have harmful effects on the soil and plants. Therefore, it is not sufficient to stop using them. The soil has been harmed, and it will affect the crops you cultivate. The toxicity of the soil is difficult to manage. So, when we are looking for alternatives, we also have to keep in mind the activities that can undo the damage by the chemical fertilizers over the years. This is why biofertilizers are seen as a suggested alternative to chemical fertilizers. Biofertilizers are not only beneficial for plants and soil, but also counteract the effects of chemical fertilizers. Biofertilizers have a great impact on the tolerance of the soil against acidity and alkalinity.

5. It Helps in Growth Hormone Secretion

Plants grow with the help of a hormone secreted by them called the growth hormone. Although biofertilizers provide plants with nutrients and micronutrients, they also aid in the secretion of the growth hormone. This secretion ensures that plants grow in a healthy place and the yield is good.

In other words, biofertilizers are a thousand times better for your crops than chemical fertilizers. Biofertilizers provide nutrients and micronutrients to plants and the soil, and even counteract the effect of chemical fertilizers. In addition, biofertilizers also aid in the secretion of the growth hormone. All of this is without biofertilizers being expensive. In fact, biofertilizers are more affordable than chemical fertilizers. So, check out your local fertilizer store to see the type of biofertilizers they have available with them. And if they don’t have biofertilizers or you prefer to buy them online, check out any online store and have them delivered to your doorstep. A biofertilizer is a good way to improve your yield and also make the soil healthier.

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