What Are the Safety Requirements for Swimming Pools?

We Australians love our pools, as you would expect with such a wonderful climate and if you are seriously thinking about adding a pool to your property, safety is an obvious priority. Every state follows the 1992 Swimming Pool Act, which covers the following.

  • Inside the Pool Enclosure – You are limited to what you can put inside the pool area; no furniture of any kind, no BBQ equipment and no washing line. Items that can be stored in the pool area include pool filtration and cleaning equipment, permanent shading structures and any permanent water slides. All other items must be located outside the pool enclosure.
  • Pool Fencing – The barrier must be of a height specified according to the pool size and be in good condition and securely fixed. There can be no gaps larger than 100mm and prior to searching for pool compliance in Glenmore Park, make sure that the pool fencing is compliant with state requirements.
  • Climbing Hazards – There can be nothing within a 1200mm radius of the exterior pool barrier, as this would be deemed a climbing hazard that a child might use to scale the barrier. This includes all forms of vegetation and man-made objects such as furniture or umbrellas, or indeed anything that the inspector deems a climbing hazard.
  • CPR Sign – This should be inside the pool area and visible from all locations; you can order these from the online supplier.

If you commission a local fencing contractor to install the pool barrier, they would be very familiar with state safety requirements and would therefore design fencing that is fully compliant. Glass fencing is preferred, with a choice of framed or frameless, with thick safety glass panels that offer clear vision when looking into the pool area. Not only that, glass is very easy to keep clean and can endure the harsh Australian climate, making it a favoured choice.

State Approved Pool Compliance Companies

When you are sure that your pool area complies with the state requirements, search with Google for an approves pool compliance certifier and make a booking to have the pool inspected. Should all be in order, you will be issued with a pool compliance certificate, which is valid for a period of 3 years and is fully transferrable, should you sell the property.

If, for any reason, the pool does not comply, you will be issued with a non-compliance certificate that states the amendments you need to make and you have 90 days in which to carry out the improvements and the pool will be re-inspected.

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