Waste Disposal Management in Leicestershire

Waste Disposal Issues

Fly-tipped waste

Fly-tipping and waste disposal in unlicensed areas is one of the critical problems affecting the city’s streets. The offense is estimated to cost the city council over £374,000 in a year, dealing a massive blow to its finances.

Illegal waste disposal companies

Illegal waste clean-up companies disguise their legitimacy and win contracts to collect and dispose of waste. They instead extort the money from the city’s administration and either render poor-quality services or neglect their obligations.

Illegal traveller sites

Illegal traveller sites are responsible for the high influx of unregistered visitors into the city—a high population results in massive waste generation and increased demand for waste disposal. Since the population is unaccounted for, it creates more waste disposal issues.

Staff shortage

The coronavirus pandemic has significantly affected Leicestershire’s department of waste collection and disposal. Due to the pandemic, there was closure of recycling sites across the county. There is a significant shortage of drivers for waste disposal trucks.

Waste Disposal Solutions


Contractors of companies concerned with waste disposal should introduce policies that ensure material recycling to prevent massive pillages. Waste disposal contractors may liaise with other companies in need of the waste products. The practice calls for the separation of biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste products during rubbish removal services. The contractors may distribute the biodegradable products for use in organic farming practices.

Enforcing strict laws on waste disposal

To curb such practices as fly-tipping legislation and enforcement of strict laws on waste disposal practices is essential. For example, street waste disposal is becoming a menace in Leicester City, forcing the administration to issues out 128 fixed penalties and a £400 fine aside from the clean-up costs.

Registering waste disposal companies

All waste disposal companies should register with the county’s administration. It is easier to ascertain the legitimacy of a company if it exists in the county’s database, which reduces losses incurred due to scam merchants. The county may also choose to work with companies that have existed for a long and have an existing track record. Traveling agencies should also register with the county’s administration.

Increasing employee wage

Companies should increase either wages or allowances to motivate employees during challenging times such as the Covid-19 pandemic. Poor working conditions demoralize workers, necessitating their motivation to show up to work.

Educating residents on proper waste disposal

As a preventative measure, companies should create public awareness of the importance of appropriate waste disposal practices. The companies may set up bins in strategic places across the city and county to prevent fly-tipping.