Summer Roof Maintenance Tips

 Each season has its own benefits and challenges. You should be ready for the scorching heat and suffocating humidity of summer. Many potential homebuyers will be on the lookout for homes in the summer. KCG Roofing and Carpentry offers these tips to keep your roof safe and presentable. KCG Roofing and Carpentry is just a phone call away. We’re available to answer your questions, arrange flexible appointments, and dispatch an emergency repair team.

Conduct an Inspection

If you don’t inspect your roof, how will you know if it is damaged? Before we start any maintenance or repairs, it is important to inspect your roof and attic. These pests can cause damage to your roof, eat away at shingles and even cause irreparable damage to wood. Gravel and moss can block gutters, cause shingles to curl or crack, and even build up underneath them. You should have moss and algae removed from your roof as soon as you notice it.

You should also inspect your attic for mold and moisture. Check for watermarks or discoloration on walls, ceilings, and rafters. You should also inspect the ventilation in the attic. Bad ventilation can cause the attic temperature to rise up to 150 degrees in the summer. This heat buildup can reduce the roof’s service life.

Clean up

Remove any twigs and branches that have accumulated on your roof. These debris can hinder your roof’s ability to reflect the sun’s rays, and cause your home to heat up. You can remove debris by yourself, but remember safety first. Never power wash your roof.

These same materials can clog gutters. Squirts and birds also love to make their nests in gutters. Give your gutters a thorough cleaning to prevent mold growth, decay, and sagging.

Also, you want to find the source of all this trash. If there are twigs and branches on your roof, you probably have a large tree nearby. Tree limbs hanging over your home should be removed. A strong storm could cause large branches to fall through your roof. Low-hanging branches could even strip your shingles.

Repair and Replacement

Repairs should be made immediately if you find damaged flashings, flashings, ridges or any other part of your roof. You should replace damaged shingles. Do not just place new shingles over existing shingles.

Call the Professional Roofers

Roof work can be dangerous, especially when the roof is damaged. KCG Roofing and Carpentry can arrange an appointment for you or dispatch an emergency dispatcher if you prefer to avoid the dangerous work of roofing. We’re always available to assist with roof repairs, maintenance and installation.

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