The New-Age Solar Street Lights: More Features, Better Power!

Solar power is among the cleanest sources of energy. With no emissions, solar energy doesn’t add to the current concerns of climate change and air pollution. The biggest concern with solar power, even a decade back, was the cost of equipment and technologies for harnessing the same. Today, with better innovations, the scope of solar street light designs has improved drastically.

Knowing the concept

To understand the latest innovations and their recent advancement in technologies, it is wise and important to first understand how a solar street light works. As the name suggests, solar street light works on solar energy, which is collected using a solar panel. The solar energy is converted into electrical energy, stored in batteries, which are then used to power the lights at night.

Recent innovations

The best solar street lights now rely on LED bulbs that are not merely super-efficient, but also meant for extensive use. Batteries have improved manifold, and many manufacturers even have a 10-year warranty on usage. Known solar street light supplier from China – Shenzhen Moonlight Technology Limited, has come up with this new Palm Tree solar street light, which has been patented. The company has introduced a design that is super-simple to install, and doesn’t require any cable or power. Also, since the solar panel can get too hot at times and can impact other components of the street light, their panel can be separated, and the design can be further opened to receive maximum solar energy. Their product comes with remote control with four different working modes.

The roadmap ahead

If you want to buy solar street light, make sure to work with a manufacturer that’s known and reliable. Companies like Shenzhen Moonlight Technology Limited, have taken things ahead in the sector manifold, and businesses can expect to get genuine assistance on all relevant aspects, including installation and support. Check their website to find more details on their foldable all in one solar street light, which is unique for its features and function. With designs like these, harnessing solar energy for commercial and industrial needs doesn’t have to be complicated. Of course, the upfront costs may remain a concern, but recent innovations and ideas have made it possible to access and harness solar light effectively across different sectors.

To know more on latest solar street light innovations, you can refer to the list of top manufacturers, who are working with clients worldwide.

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