Open Plan or Closed Plan? What is Best for Your Lifestyle?

There’s no denying that open plan is on-trend right now and has been for quite a few years. However, this kind of space doesn’t suit everyone, and in recent years, many people have found themselves converting back to closed plan living. Here’s how you can choose the right option to suit your lifestyle.

Think about how you use the space

Are you the sort of person who likes things neat and organised, or is your household a little more laidback? People who prefer things more casual tend to enjoy open plan living, as they don’t feel as boxed in, and this allows them to give their home a more open feel.

Does your home suit open plan?

There are certain types of properties that suit open plan living:

  • Those where there’s little space, so individual rooms would be too cramped
  • Modern homes – although some character properties can look good with open plan
  • Homes that don’t have much natural light, so need to be kept bright and open

You should take a look at your home and think about whether open plan will really work with the space. While it can suit a lot of different types of homes, it by no means suits all of them, so it’s important to think honestly about it.

Work with a contractor

If you are looking to go from closed to open plan, or vice versa, it’s worth dealing with professionals such as a custom home contractor Canberra. They are experts in designing home layouts, so can help you decide on a practical style for your home. Some homes can’t support open plan living, often because it’d involve tearing down load-bearing walls, so you should speak to contractors before you make any decisions, so you can see what’s possible.

A contractor can also draw up a budget for the job. Some renovations to create open plan or close off spaces are easy, simply involving a few days of construction, while others can take a long time and a lot of money, so make sure you know what you’re in for.

Open plan vs. closed plan has become one of the big interior design debates. While open plan is a selling point for many people, it doesn’t suit everyone’s lifestyle, so it’s important to think it through before you make the change. From the way you use your home to its style, make sure you make the right choice.

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