News on Solar Energy

We all know that due to various geographical locations and conditions, climate change, day time hour, and recent changes in the climate are the factors contributing to the limitations in the use of solar energy. As per the latest solar energy news, the introduction of solar products in the market has to provide approaches for recycling. And in it, the main concern is mass production. And at present, there are only a few options which are there to handle the used solar products. As the solar products mainly consist of electronics and battery, the battery is one such component which can be replaced after a few years of use.

Kuwait Abandons the Dabdaba Project

As per the latest solar energy news about Kuwait, the latest report on the Middle Eastern service information wire, the Kuwait federal government is all set to abandon the long-delayed landmark solar project. The Dabdaba solar project which creates 1.5.GW of electrical power could be deserted completely. The tender for the design, purchase, building, and construction, procedure, and maintenance solutions at the project drew the cheapest bid $1.43 billion, as per the latest reports. So, as per the latest information, it seems that Kuwait is not interested in this project anymore.

Environment-Friendly Project in Saudi Arabia & Much More

If you want more solar energy news then you should switch to the online source which has many solar energy-related news. You can also Google on solar energy news and you will get the latest information. Other solar energy-related latest news is as follows – JV launched to couple 4GW with ‘globe’s largest environment-friendly hydro project’ in Saudi Arabia. Apart from this as per the latest news in the solar energy sector, SoftBank may unload risk in Indian green power company SBG Cleantech. There is also news that Strategy in position to More Than Triple Local Solar Manufacturing Capacity.

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