How to Design a House Plan For a 2 Story Home

As you probably know already, the construction business is absolutely booming at the moment, there are more homes being built than ever before, but, if you have ever visited modern building site of one of the national home builders you will probably soon start to think that the houses don’t look that much different, if you want to have a home that looks and feels different to the rest on your street then you should look into a bespoke house plan, or design your own, here are points to chew over as you go.

The money tree

A good place to start would likely be your budget, after all, what use is a dream, and starting the planning process if the leaves on the money tree just won’t stretch that far? If you have the ability to increase your budget some way or another, then starting the process, regardless might be a good driving force to help you get motivated on bringing in some more funds. Some people might use a picture or a drawing as their desert island dream getaway pinned to their desk at work, sometimes that is all it takes to spur you on if having a bad day.


This can be hard to achieve on your own, so you might want to get some inspiration from existing 2 storey house plan (known as แบบแปลนบ้าน 2 ชั้น in Thai) builds, if you can, aim for a design within your plan to will future proof the overall value of your property.

That timeless aspect to your design and plan stage could see you make more or, less money in the future and, if there is anything that you can do to maintain the properties overall appeal to prospective future buyers then it should be one of your biggest considerations, certainly not something to brush aside if your property is that of an investment.

Who will make the changes?

If you haven’t looked into this already then you may wish to start looking prior to putting any of your ideas into action. Which company will you use to implement the house plan you have very carefully pieced together? You might need a team of specialist builders to bring your ideas from head to ground, the company you choose can make all the difference when thinking about if and how your plan will progress.

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