Finding The Right Combination to Give You a Good Night’s Sleep

We are all fairly aware that while we sleep, the body is in repair mode, strengthening many of our mental and physical functions. The lack of consistently good quality sleep can lead to a varied range of different illnesses and disorders. This makes it very important that our bed is comfortable and allows us to achieve a restful night’s sleep allowing our body to keep us healthy. Therefore, when we decide it is time to replace our current old bed with a newer model, we must carefully consider a number of factors before deciding what type of platform bed frame and mattress to buy.

Finding Comfort

Today modern mattress designs are fairly advanced with the introduction and development of new materials and technologies. When choosing what type of mattress to buy, you will normally have three main types to select from –

  • Traditional coil/spring mattress – this is a more traditional design which uses springs over a covering of fabric; hand-made mattresses offer a high-end solution.
  • Memory foam – this modern type of mattress uses layers of synthetic foam to provide support and warmth by holding the sleeper in place at night.
  • Hybrid foam – uses a combination of springs and foam to provide the best of both worlds; they offer the foam’s support and the spring unit’s cooling effect.

Bedroom suppliers stock a fantastic amount of choices, so when it comes to choosing a new mattress, do not rush your purchase. Look at as many as possible; most bed shops will let you try their mattresses; find one that you are confident will give you a good night’s rest.

Finding A Good Base

A bed frame forms the base of the bed system and must keep the mattress firmly in place. Raising the mattress off the floor helps the air circulate and prevents the build-up of dust and mould. Bed frames are made to various specifications with different materials, which include –

  • Height – bed frames generally come in three standard heights, low, standard, and high, giving varying amounts of space under the bed for storage.
  • Materials – Wood and metal frames are the most popular type of bed frame as they are very strong and durable; they also come in many different designs which can be adapted for your chosen bedroom design style.
  • Size – bed size should be determined by the size of your bedroom; having a king-size bed in a small room is not a good idea; always consider this before deciding.

Finding the right bed frame and mattress combination will give you a restful night’s sleep and keep you healthy, so check out your local supplier today.

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