Considerations When Designing Your New Modern Kitchen

As with any of the rooms in the home, there will come a time when your kitchen is due for a refresh. The kitchen is at the centre of every family home from breakfast time right through to evening dinner, and it unites the family as they share their meals. There are many options for you to consider as modern kitchen design combines storage, décor, and appliances to form a contemporary functional space that makes cooking fun and cleaning easy. This article will discuss some of the main design trends and ideas that might suit your home, whether you are designing your new modern kitchen in Bangkok, New York or London.

Contemporary Colours

The décor of your kitchen is a key design choice, and a current trend is towards colourful cabinets with a variation towards dual tones with different colours for the base and top cabinets. Your colour scheme is your chance to personalise your kitchen, and designs are moving away from pale eggshell-type colours and towards greens and blues, which give warm and retro effects. Look at the new contemporary designs appearing on websites, take note of any design effects or styles you might use, and then imagine them in colours you like; this could form a key design feature of your new kitchen.

Upgrade Your Appliances

You can breathe new life into your kitchen by upgrading the appliances; modern technology is continually advancing, with induction cooktops, smart refrigerators, air-fryers, and convection ovens at the forefront of new kitchen designs. These and other advanced appliances combine with sleek new designs to make the kitchen a place where cooking and eating are something to look forward to.

Storage, Storage, Storage

The storage units and the space they provide continue to be a massive part of any kitchen, with trends now leaning towards hidden storage solutions which use telescoping shelves to maximise space. Streamlining finishes on storage unit fronts should complement the colour and design choices.

Make A Statement with A Sink

One trend that continues to gain momentum is balancing stylised minimalist designs with statement sinks, with vintage-style sinks forming a key centrepiece of a kitchen design. Vintage pieces such as the Belfast or Butler sink and Fluted Farmhouse sinks are highly sought after by people scouring their local salvage dealers for that extraordinary example, which will look fantastic in their new kitchen.

By combining some of your own ideas with existing design trends, choosing colours that complement each other and equipping it with modern smart appliances, you can produce a modern contemporary kitchen you will be happy with for many years.

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