Building Maintenance Tips for the First Time Buyer

It certainly is an exciting time when you take possession of your first home, yet there are some important aspects of property ownership to consider and one of those is repair and maintenance. Here are a few aspects of building care to be aware of.

  • Roof maintenance – The only way to check that the roof is in good order is to ask one of the builders in Fleet to carry out a thorough roof inspection. They will also clean out the guttering, which is necessary to avoid a blockage. Check the roof after a heavy bout of weather, as this is the time when damage occurs.
  • Watch out for damp – It could come from a leaking roof or from the ground, in the form of dampness; this can really cause damage to wood, cement and plaster and you should inspect all areas of the home, specifically looking for signs of dampness. In the event you should find signs of damp, call in a damp-proofing specialist and they can put in some protection.
  • Prompt repairs – Once you have spotted something that needs work, don’t delay the repairs, as minor issues always turn into major ones, it’s just a question of time. If you pre-source the number of a local builder, they can sort out any issues in no time.
  • Pre-winter preparations – Of course, the harsh UK winter attacks buildings and the autumn is the best time for building repairs, so you still have time.

Your home is likely to be the biggest single investment you will ever make and it makes perfect sense to protect that investment.

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